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31-day devotional provides guided encouragement and practical advice as a catalyst for positive change in areas of life women often struggle with most and from a
biblical and godly perspective. This includes issues such as singleness, comparison, disappointment, self-love, insecurities, rejection, sexual desire, marriage misconceptions,
ageing, and so forth.

Stephanie Mensah

Author & Empowerment Teacher

​Stephanie Mensah was born and raised in London, England, to parents of Ghanaian heritage.

She is a senior financial crime compliance analyst by profession, author, and empowerment teacher.

Her passion to empower women to hold firmly to their faith, morals, and values, and to embrace their uniqueness and the godliness within them, ignited her desire to write. Stephanie advocates for women deviating from what is considered standard, normal, or expected in society in order to live a life that honours God. 

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